Betsson wins 3 Awards at the Women in Gaming Diversity and Employee Wellbeing Awards

Betsson wins 3 Awards at the Women in Gaming Diversity and Employee Wellbeing Awards

The three prestigious awards were won in London on 15th September 2022

Betsson Group is proud to have won three awards at last night’s Women in Gaming Diversity and Employee Wellbeing Awards. These awards are an annual appointment to recognise and reward those companies within the iGaming industry that are truly championing diversity and equality.

Betsson has won the ‘Company of the Year’ award, the ‘Best Diverse Place to Work’ award, and the ‘Innovation in Employee Engagement’ award.

Company of the Year
The Company Diversity award recognises that Betsson has clearly demonstrate a holistic and long-term commitment to equality whether it by gender, race or sexual orientation and have delivered significant progress in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace for all their employees.

Best Diverse Place to Work
When deciding on this one, the panel of judges based their outcome on a set of values showing that the company has a committed, effective, motivated and diverse workforce. They looked at all the nominees and gave their highest scores based on how the company managed to break apart apart from the competition and how that has benefitted the business and its people. They also looked at examples of Employee wellbeing and how Betsson is making a real cultural change within its workplace for the benefit of all.

Innovation in Employee Engagement
In our modern world employee engagement is key to a successful business, and Betsson was selected as the winner of this award as it showed examples of how it engages their workforce in innovative ways. Judges looked at how Betsson defines employee engagement and why it is so important for that company to engage their people – the novel ways that Betsson manages to do this and how it measures the success of such engagement.

Well done to all Betssonites!



Author: Lawrence Butler